Places To Visit

Some Places To Visit In Tanjung Puting National Park

Tanjung Puting National Park (TNTP) has been designated as nature as well as flora and fauna conservation centre, especially for bornean orangutans. As a conservaDSCI0267tion area for unique flora and fauna their ecosystem, TNPT possesses various points of interests for tourist to see and. Now is continued to be developed as a dynamic tourism spot and as the main tourism destination for Kotawaringin Barat Regency of Central Kalimantan.

More than 600 types of tree, 200 varieties of orchid, almost 250 species of bird, 28 species of large mammal, 9 species of primates and still many life forms share their space inside Tanjung Puting National Park.

To be the primary of experience, there stood still an orangutan empire. Surrounded with great tropical rain forest as dukedom, they allied with other primates, cooperate with all wildlife within to guard thei perimeter to maintain the area status as one of kind earthly paradise, a nonesuch heaven to be remained.

Site available in Tanjung Puting National Park :

  • Tanjung Harapan and Sekonyer Village

Situated in the development zone of the National Park, this area is suitable for ecotourism activities, equipped with an information Centre, Guest House, Observation Tower. In there held orangutan feeding in the afternoon. (90 Minute from Kumai By Boat).

  • Pesalat Reforestation area

This is an area within the special development zone that specifically designated for reforestation program. Here, visitor can plant and adopt tree seedlings already provides, and plates with their names will be put in front of the trees. Pesalat is also conservation education center and camping ground. (20 minutes from tanjung Harapan By Boat).

  • Pondok Tangguy

Still within the special development zone of the park. Pondok Tanggui is designated specifically for adolescent and semi-wild orangutan rehabilitation program. This orangutan rehabilitation centre offers daily orangutan feeding program at 9 in the morning that always attracts many international an national tourists (60 Minute from Pesalat By Boat)

  • Camp Leakey

This famous camp is situated within the special development zone and is famous as the word’s leading adult orangutan research and rehabilitation center. The place is highly recommended if one wishes to see wild and semi-wild orangutans and also orangutan feeding. (60 Minute from Pondok Tangguy by Boat).

  • Buluh Besar and Buluh Kecil River

In the heart of the park, located these two rivers with its peaceful black water, undisturbed. With its seasonal lakes, this river attracts water birds migrants to breed. These rivers can be reach by klotok after 3 hours journey.

  • Cabang River

The area of Sungai Cabang (Cabang River) is a traditional development zone that offers beatiful sandy beach, along with interesting traditional fishing cultural experience. Beach with its white sand is an important nesting place for turtles, especially the green turtles and scale turtles.

Enjoy an unforgettable night experience at Sekonyer river by watching of fireflies wander among the nypa palm leaves, glittering the darkness like a wall made of light.